Jen Karetnick

Jen Karetnick

Lifestyle journalist, poet, author

I specialize in food/drink, travel, education, parenting, health/medicine, fitness, culture, arts/lit, home/garden, and Florida. Two MFAs; 16 books. The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami forthcoming 9/17.

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Good Taste Is All in Your Genes | TheBlot Magazine

Your personal tastes might not dictate your hatred of saffron, cilantro or other foods you can't stand β€” it very well might be your genetic makeup....

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10 Reasons To Care April Is National Poetry Month

If you last read a poem in high school, here are 10 real-life reasons why the far-from-dying art of poetry is important β€” and not only to poets who know it....

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You Heard It Here First: Mango Is the Next Kale | TheBlot

See ya, kale! Thanks to a second bloom, 2015 just might be the year of the mango. Here are 12 suggestions for making the most of this year's yummy crop....

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Throw a Kentucky Derby Party with $1,000 Worth of Style |

The Kentucky Derby isn't just a two-minute horse race. To Southern folks, it’s also bourbon, hats, food porn β€” and $1,000 Woodford Reserve mint julep cups....

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5 Foods You've Been Consuming Rancid (and How to Stop)

You may be consuming more rancid foods than you think just by reaching into your pantry. Here are five common culprits and advice on how to keep them fresh....