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The Seafood Bar at the Breakers Hotel

You have to walk through the main lobby of the historic resort to get to the Seafood Bar - an impressive trek that primes you for the beautiful oceanfront bar and dining room. As befitting the venue, the fishiest of the Breakers' restaurants is at once classy and casual and...

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Greek Islands Taverna

Even if you're not from New Jersey, chances are you'll consider Greek Islands Taverna a good Greek diner for various reasons: its wide-ranging menu of classic Greek dishes, bustling atmosphere, and reasonable prices. The top items at this Fort Lauderdale spot include baby back ribs grilled with lemon and oregano...

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Madras Cafe

Despite a sizable Broward population of immigrants from the subcontinent where vegetarian cooking is a high art, there's a dearth of Indian restaurants here willing to venture into the uncommon cuisine of southern India. But Madras continues to buck the trends, serving idli, sambar, and those delectable little savory doughnuts...

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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

We’d argue that Anthony's has the best pizza this side of Italy — the blackened, bubbly crust is so authentic, you can taste ancient culinary history in it. That's thanks to a coal-fired brick oven that not only cooks outstanding pies topped with everything from broccoli rabe and arugula salad...


Don't expect décor clichés like burning incense and tables placed in dark corners. This restaurant is also a banquet hall, with blond wood floors, crystal chandeliers, and striped fabric on heavy wood chairs. The décor is a tastefully done compromise between Eastern and Western cultures, as is the fare, which...

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Mimi's Ravioli

Other than your Italian relatives' house on a major holiday, this is the place to be for fresh homemade pasta. The place got its start in 1970 when Joe and Mimi Termine brought a couple of ravioli machines from New York City. Joe figured he'd make some ravioli, maybe sell...

Bread Winner

A commercial on Comedy Central advertising The Daily Show gets me every time. The Daily Show, for those who haven't watched it, is a no-holds-barred spoof of a news broadcast, and the commercial is just as snide as the show itself. The spot features a newsroom where everyone chases down......

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La Cocina Puertorriquena

Get in touch with your inner Latino at this great hole in the wall. Although you live in South Florida, it is hard to find good quality Puerto Rican food. La Cocina's got all of your favorites covered, from mofongo to arroz con gandules and pasteles. Living in the States...

Michelangelo's Pizza

Yup, it's the real thing. And it's really, really good. I was a bit skeptical when I heard that the 18-month-old Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza on South Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale used an authentic coal-burning brick oven to bake its pies. Not too long ago, I learned that in......

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Old Heidelberg

This German chalet-themed restaurant been open since 1991 and sports an adjacent deli next door where the original owners Dieter Doerrenberg and Heidi Brueggeman make sausages, schnitzel, and all sorts of German baked goods daily. Old Heidelberg's menu is almost as big as the cavernous restaurant itself. There's plenty of...

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Japan Hill/Da Mee Rak

This Korean-owned Japanese restaurant is an elegant surprise on the inside, and not just because the décor is attractive. Soups can be so-so and appetizers iffy. But sushi, especially white tuna, is reliably good. And the Korean barbecue, grilled right at the table, is tantalizing. Be sure to request the...

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East City Grill

Despite its name, East City Grill is nowhere close to the east side; it's located in Weston, emphasis on the west. This contemporary-designed establishment prepares American and international fare with a focus on Florida produce and fish when possible. And if local fish isn't available within reach, East City Grill...

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Bombay Cafe

Indian food is such a rare find in South Florida that diners can't be as picky as they can about, say, sushi. But that works out well for Bombay Cafe, which draws a sizable crowd to its lunch buffet and does a brisk business with neighborhood fans in the evening...

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Dave & Buster's

After a recent remodeling, this massive entertainment complex – a great place to watch sports – features more than 42 high-definition TVs, a wide variety of beers that come in what the bar calls “beer tubes” of 50 and 100 ounces. Try the calamari appetizer or the potato-chip encrusted chicken....

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Ke'e Grill

Jim and Debbie Taube's long-running Ke'e Grill is white-tablecloth formal, a sophisticated seafood restaurant to take your parents to on their birthdays or out-of-town guests for a special meal. Salmon, blue crab, sea bass, Florida snapper, grouper, Gulf shrimp, and lobster all figure on Ke'e's menu, along with grilled chops...