Jen Karetnick

Jen Karetnick

Lifestyle journalist, poet, author

I specialize in food/drink, travel, education, parenting, health/medicine, fitness, culture, arts/lit, home/garden, and Florida. Two MFAs; 16 books. The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami forthcoming 9/17.

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Frozen Objects Falling from the Skies

Written by Jen Karetnick. February 2010. Snowflakes? Maybe. Reptiles? Definitely. Nobody believes that I saw snow in Miami. It wasn't during our recent weeks ......

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Bullies, Crackheads, Snitches, and Thieves

Written by Jen Karetnick, BT Contributor. October 2014. Miami Shores is a hot mess. I bigstock-Stray-cats-29979488 doubt those four words -- “Miami Shores” ......

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A Slap in the Face

Written by Jen Karetnick, BT Contributor. August 2014. Village council votes down an initiative its constituents support. I bigstock-Married-with-Pride- 63107875 ......

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Mass Intransigence

Written by Jen Karetnick -- BT Contributer. February 2013. Even as transportation options expand, the Shores seems stuck in the past. I Pix_JenKaretnick_2-13 ......

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April 2008

Apr 12, 2008 ... Citara, Wendy Doscher-Smith, Kathy. Glasgow, Jim W. Harper, Lisa Hartman, Jen . Karetnick, Jack King, Derek McCann, Lynn. Roberson, Frank ......